The treatments we offer fall into one of three divisions: therapeutic massage therapy, beauty treatments and Cryotherapy.

What treatment to choose?

Below are some examples of conditions and possible treatments that we can provide. Here at Somerset West Wellness you will receive a truly customized treatment each and every time you visit. Our service is focused on you — the client — and our ability to enable your greater wellness through a custom, individualized treatments. By listening to what you need, our qualified therapists will help guide you in finding the perfect treatment that is guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Injuries & Pain

Injuries / Pain

Athletes: Sports Massage
Swelling: Cryotherapy Recovery
Injuries (sprains): Massage (Sports or Focus Area) & Cryotherapy
Surgeries: Cryotherapy & Lymp Drainage Massage
General back/neck pain: Massage (Deep Tissue or Focus Area)
Chronic Pain Conditions: Neuromuscular Massage / Deep Tissue Massage



Acute (general/injury specific): Massage and/or Cryotherapy until inflammation has subsided and healed. Usually only a couple of treatments.

Chronic: regular ongoing massage and/or Cryotherapy for relief of symptoms of chronic inflammatory conditions such arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.

Detox & Cellulite

Detox / Anti-Cellulite

Detox & Water Retention: Course of Lymph Drainage Massages

Anti-Cellulite: our custom 3-Step Cellulite Treatment (Lymph Massage/Cryo/Essential Oils) that consists of a course of weekly treatments. A safe, noninvasive treatment that helps reduce appearance of cellulite.

Problem skin & anti-ageing

Beauty / Anti-Ageing

Beauty: We offer a range of beauty treatments from manicures (gel & acrylic), pedicures, eyelash extensions, facials, waxing to tinting.

Anti-Ageing: facials, Cryo facials and beauty products (Le Bleu & QMS Medicosmetics) to assist with anti-ageing.

Post Cosmetic Surgery: Cryotherapy

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