Cryotherapy facials has rapidly grown in popularity overseas with A-listers such as Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Cristiano Ronaldo are raving about it for a while. We are one of only a few practices in South Africa and the first in Helderberg area to offer this service. The word “cryo” is Greek and means “icy cold” and the treatment uses liquid nitrogen vapour, at temperatures around -160°C, on the face and body to stimulate energy and blood flow. Almost any part of the body can be treated with localised Cryotherapy and the treatment is beneficial for both medical and beauty purposes.

When you arrive for your facial pressured liquid nitrogen vapour is sprayed directly on to the face, neck and head, promising results that include immediate tightening of skin, reduction in pore size and facial inflammation (puffiness), stimulating collagen production and decreasing wrinkles and lines. This is a non-invasive and safe treatment and the focus is on stimulating the body to do the work for you.

The sensation can be described as that feeling of cold mist over your face as you open the freezer on a hot summer’s day. One of the biggest advantages of this treatment is that it is quick, with absolutely no downtime, you can apply make-up and return to work immediately. After a single treatment you will leave with a healthy glow as a consequence of the improved circulation. Puffiness is reduced and the improved blood flow leads to oxygenation of the skin and a flushing of toxins from the microcirculation.

The impact of Cryotherapy is cumulative, so we have designed unique facial packages whereby over the course of a few treatments it will boost the skin’s natural collagen production resulting in a more youthful looking skin, minimising pore size and a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Cryo Wellness Beauty offers the the following facial treatments:

Express Cryo Face – during this session only Cryotherapy is used on the face, and is ideally suited for someone that has completed the first course of facials and need a regular top-up; or someone that wants a boost and healthy glow for a special event.

Le Bleu Hyaluronic Acid

Le Bleu Hyaluronic Acid & Cryo Facial – Cryotherapy is combined with the Le Bleu range of natural and organic products. The key ingredient of this facial is the Le Bleu Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Ageing Serum.

They hyaluronic acid molecule carries a 1000 times its weight in moistures, and is the perfect ingredient for hydration. Consisting of both the large and small hyaluronic acid molecules; this serum penetrates and hydrates into all three derma layers of the skin.

Cryotherapy Collagen Lift Facial – During this facial Cryotherapy is combined with the power of QMS Medicosmetics; a medical grade skincare range that originated from clinical research into the critical role of collagen in skin regeneration. After this facial you will instantly see your skin look firmer and fuller with a healthy glow