24 Hour Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hour notice for cancellations or reschedules, otherwise full appointment fee will be charged. Below is a detailed outline of our policy, how and when we will enforce it and what the penalty is for non-compliance.

Why we need 24 hour notice for cancellations & reschedules?

Firstly, in our industry (beauty/massage) we actually work with time. You pay us to perform a certain service which takes X amount of time. This means we only have a finite amount of time to work, we can’t make more time (versus for example goods where you can produce more products in advance) and once time is lost you can’t make it up again. Therefore we can only do X amount of treatments per day. So if a client does not show up for an appointment and we cannot find a suitable replacement, we have lost that income for that day. Even if we reschedule for another day, we as a business have lost that income for that time slot. One missed massage of R500 per day x 30; that is R15 000 in lost revenue at the end of the month! That is how important we take this as this as it can very easily become a huge burden on our business. The 24 hour policy is there to give us reasonable time in order to find a replacement to fill that spot. If we don’t find a replacement, that is on us, not on you.

But what if I have an emergency and can’t make my appointment?

Of course we understand if you have an emergency and you will not be penalized if you have a valid reason. Examples could be a medical emergency, family emergencies, car that broke down and so forth. We know life can be hectic at times and unforeseen things do happen, we understand!

What is not a valid excuse?

Now this is where things start to get tricky. A valid excuse for you might not be a valid excuse for us. There are millions of reasons and things that could happen that can cause you to be late or miss an appointment. Traffic, meetings that changed, kids that need to be driven around and the list goes on. Here we will take it on a case by case basis and use our discretion. The key factor here:  did you know about your reason 24 hours ago or not? Traffic could be understandable, but did you not maybe know your kids needs picking up yesterday? Of course we understand life gets hectic and some things pop up on short notice. Usually we will not penalize for the first offense in this instance, but if we see a pattern of late cancellations we will enforce the penalty.

Also on a side note – we also do get cancellations after hours the day before. Our studio hours are until 17:00 weekdays and we would like to know about a cancellation during working hours so we can still be able to book people. If you send us a message late at night, remember we only see it the following morning, then technically it is not 24 hours anymore.  So again the above rule applies – is it a valid emergency or was it something you knew about and could’ve let us know earlier?

What is the penalty / cancellation fee for non-compliance?

Basically, the penalty is value of the revenue lost i.e. the treatment value. It is the same as when you make a booking at a hotel. After a certain date (sometimes up to a week) a full 100% cancellation fee applies, as the hotel knows the chances for filling that room gets smaller the closer to the time.

Latecomers & treatment time

The general rule is to be there 5 minutes before your treatment starts (and 10 minutes for new clients that still need to complete a form). If you are late, then we have to adjust the treatment time accordingly.

In conclusion

Remember, we are not here to take advantage of our clients – we are all human and we understand life happens. But we do ask that clients respect our time, as explained above, it is precious to us! And in the same way we will always strive to respect our clients’ time and have their best interest at heart. In fact, like most things in life, by having very clear cancellation policy it protects all parties.