Introducing Cryo Massage for Chronic Pain, Inflammation & Injuries

cryo massage

Cryo Massage helps in the recovery of
• Chronic Pain •Inflammation •Injuries

Cryo Massage is a truly unique treatment and exclusively available at Somerset West Wellness. We are the experts in in the fields of recovery massage and local Cryotherapy and we have treated countless clients over the years. Having seen the amazing healing and recovery benefits of both therapeutic massage and local Cryotherapy, we have combined these two therapies in one easy treatment for maximum effect.

What areas are treated and how long does it take?

The total treatment time is 60 minutes and is split between  15-20 minutes local Cryotherapy (medium treatment area) and 40 – 45 minutes therapeutic massage therapy. The focus is on treating the main problem area during the session such as neck & shoulders, mid & lower back or legs. Your therapist will discuss this with you during your first consultation. Generally a course of sessions are advised and see below are discounted package deals.

Cryotherapy Recovery

What is local Cryotherapy and what does it do?

The affected area is treated to nitrogen vapour of up to -160 ˚C and the skin temperature is brought down to about 4˚C.  The treated area compensates by heating itself through speeding up cellular metabolism, releases enhanced levels of endorphins and drastically increasing blood flow, which in turn reduces inflammation and accelerates your body’s own natural healing. 


What type of massage therapy will you use?

Your therapist will use a combination of massage techniques they are proficient in (ranging from Stretching, Lymph Drainage, Swedish, Shiatsu, Neuromuscular, Sport & Deep Tissue) and will customise it to each client’s individual needs.

What conditions can be treated?

A Cryo Massage can assist in the treatment of: sport injuries, back pain, neck pain, post-surgery recovery, inflammation, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and other chronic pain conditions.

What are the benefits?

Benefits will range from person to person and what condition is treated, but here are some of the most common benefits to expect: pain relief, reducing of swelling and/or inflammation, improved circulation, improved mobility & quicker recovery time.

What does it cost?

A single Cryo Massage (60 min) session costs R850. Save R75!
5 x Package Cryo Massage (60 min) costs R3975. Save R525!

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