6 Ways to Feel Better Today

We all have those days, you know, days or even a whole week where everything just seems to go sideways and you feel frustrated and miserable. The stresses of daily work and family life, finances, weather and even politics can take its toll on your mental energies.

But don’t despair – here are our 6 easy life hacks to instantly help make you feel better today. By simply shifting your mind set into a positive framework it will help boost your energy levels to tackle all those daily stressors.

  1. Take a walk – literally take a short walk. If you can, do it in nature or on the beach; or just take the dogs for a quick walk around the block. The fresh air and getting your blood pumping will help you feel better.
  2. Do a good deed – doing something kind is a great way to instantly make you feel better, even if nobody notices. Pick up some trash on the beach; give the car guard a generous tip; whatever you can think of to help others.
  3. Celebrate small victories – you know that feeling you get when you finally sort out that untidy drawer or send that email you have been putting off. That sense of achievement will give you the boost to tackle the other bigger issues.
  4. Find a friend – we are social beings by nature and connecting with other people will help make you feel better. Phone your best friend, stick a friend for a coffee or join a yoga or exercise class.
  5. Listen to happy music – I mean, who can resist singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody and not feel better afterwards? Whatever your music choice, put on that song that always makes you feel better.
  6. Have a massage– By far this is the easiest way to feel instantly better and help deal with stress! Touch and massage stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. During a massage the body instantly gets relaxed and stress levels are reduced; the same effect as 7 to 8 hours of good sleep.

Yours in health,